Carl Ludwig was a Leipzig physician and physiologist who pioneered a holistic, basic science-guided approach to human health. Our center takes his vision to the 21st century integrating remote diagnostic tools, smart devices, with innovative drugs into treatment strategies that put the patient’s needs at the center.

The research center will consider small molecule therapeutics, biologics, cell-based therapies, and platforms and vectors to deliver these. In a structure-based approach, therapeutics are rationally designed and evaluated in silico to target precisely the receptor, antibody, or cells it is meant to engage. Thus, a therapeutic is no longer engineered for a generic sequence of a target protein but the individual patient. This precision structural biology strategy will also gain traction in rare diseases, oncology/hematology, cardiac arrhythmias, or viral infections, to name a few. The digitization of medicine will only transform from isolated data silos to linked information and monolithic devices to smart ensembles. Point-of-care diagnostics, AI-based prediction and decision support, remote treatment, and automated production processes will be required research fields of the center on all technology readiness levels. These developments will enable novel ways to deliver precision medicine.

These core topics bear enormous potential for synergies. Thus, cross-cutting issues such as artificial intelligence, smart medical device networking, and tailored workflows will interlink all our research projects.