Healthcare is changing. In our modern and aging societies, diseases are on a constant rise. New cases of cancer are expected to grow by more than 50% until 2040. People living with diabetes, obesity, or cardiovascular diseases will grow at a similar pace.

The climate crisis and ecological damage lead to a health crisis with air pollution alone already killing approximately 7 million people each year. COVID-19 is not the first epidemic in the 21st century but the sixth. And with us humans continuing the expansion of our footprint at the cost of wildlife, it is unlikely to remain the last.

At the same time, a digital transformation of society and the economy is taking place. We today have technologies at hand that have the potential to revolutionize the way we research, develop, produce and deliver healthcare. Several breakthrough technologies have recently emerged and are promising to create an extensive ecosystem of novel healthcare offerings.

The increasingly cost-efficient decoding of the human genome is deepening our understanding of the human body. Next generation sequencing also enables determination of the antibody repertoire on a personal level, expanding our ability to treat the human being on an individual basis. We are ready for a technology leap not just in through the introduction of Cell & Gene-based but throughout all classes of therapeutics. Computation enables us to develop novel vaccines and identify drug candidates with increased efficacy and speed.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly applied in healthcare to translate monitoring data into health-related prediction as a reliable base for treatment decisions. Mobile and interconnected computing devices are fueling a wide variety of innovative approaches towards remote monitoring, remote treatment, and intelligent automated workflow management.

Developing these technological advances into viable products and effective treatments as well as training clinicancs, scientists, and expert workers on all levels is crucial for effective, efficient, fair, and sustainable healthcare in the future.

The challenge